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The Truth 365

The goal of The Truth 365 is to educate and mobilize millions of people through Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social networking sites. The full-length documentary and shorter films inform the public that there is a critical need for funding for pediatric cancer research and that they, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and our elected leaders are in a position to help. Through the film, we introduce the public to the world of childhood cancer and invite them to be a voice for all children fighting cancer. We accomplish this by showing very personal, compelling and inspiring stories of children fighting cancer. This touches our viewers on an emotional level and motivates them to take action on behalf of children with cancer. This show of support has sent a strong message to Congress, the White House and the NCI.

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1. Tell us about your organization. What is your mission?

The Truth 365 is the social media awareness campaign of Arms Wide Open Childhood Cancer Foundation. Arms Wide Open Childhood Cancer Foundation’s mission is to promote and advance the science and art of medicine related to the study of pediatric cancer cells and related structures, to support and enhance education in pediatric oncology fields, to support and enhance pediatric oncology research and in allied fields, to facilitate, improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disorders affecting pediatric cancer cells and related structures and doing and engaging in any and all activities that may be necessary or incidental to any or all of the foregoing purposes.

Our mission is to (1) provide funds to medical and/or scientific personnel and/or institutions to participate in local, regional and/or national research programs for the study of pediatric cancer diseases and allied fields in effort to treat and/or cure such diseases, (2) to provide educational materials and/or medical equipment to medical and/or scientific personnel and/or institutions for the study of pediatric cancer and related diseases in effort to treat and/or cure such diseases, (3) to provide literary information, support and education concerning pediatric cancer and related diseases to medical and/or scientific personnel as well as the general public at no cost in an effort to raise public awareness of such diseases so as to promote early detection and treatment.

2. Why was your organization established? Tell us your why? On July 6, 2008, the lives of Dena and Billy Sherwood changed forever when their then 13-month-old son, Billy Jr., was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a very aggressive cancer of the sympathetic nervous system that most commonly occurs in infants and children under the age of five. In August of 2009, in the midst of their son’s aggressive treatment, Dena and Billy founded Arms Wide Open Childhood Cancer Foundation

Arms Wide Open Childhood Cancer Foundation is working closely with scientists, researchers and doctors; who are pioneers in the pediatric cancer field, who are on the forefront bringing many alternative therapies into clinic which could prolong the lives of children diagnosed with cancer until a cure is funded.

Right now there are 40,000 children being treated for childhood cancer but research funding is limited as pharmaceutical companies do not see the efforts as profitable. Recognizing that children should not be viewed as a profit, but, rather, our investment, Arms Wide Open raises money for alternative therapies and actual treatments these children so desperately need in order to survive.

The Truth 365 Join the Movement photo by The Gold Hope Project


3. What are the services you offer to pediatric cancer patients? One hundred percent of all money raised by or for The Truth 365 goes directly into childhood cancer research. Arms Wide Open has many way that we offer services to pediatric cancer patients. We fund research and clinical trials that have made a huge difference in the lives of many children with cancer.

While our primary mission is to fund research for safer and less toxic treatments, helping families is also a key reason that AWOCCF exists. When a child is diagnosed with cancer it affects the entire family. Arms Wide Open is dedicated to helping families emotionally, spiritually and financially. Here are some ways that we assist families.

  • AWOCCF hosts the Hope and Healing Bereavement Retreat for families who have lost a child to cancer. The free three-day retreat is held at Skytop Lodge in Skytop, PA.
  • Arms Wide Open provides monthly grants to families suffering hardship due to their child’s cancer diagnosis. Complete and email this form to
  • AWOCCF sponsors the Monthly Women’s Integrative Wellness Night at the Ronald McDonald House NYC each month. Caregivers of children with cancer enjoy a few hours of respite as they receive spa treatments, lite fare and gift bags.

We also have a compassionate crowdfunding program called “Helping Hands” that allows families to raise money for their own needs due to the financial burdens of  childhood cancer. Families are able to keep 100% of the money they raise with no transaction fees. Arms Wide Open takes care of any costs associated.

Another way we help families and other childhood cancer foundations is by hosting “CureFest for Childhood Cancer” each year in Washington, Dc during September (Childhood Cancer Awareness Month). Thousands of people come together as ONE VOICE against childhood cancer. There is a Rally to the Capitol, a Meet & Greet, a Candlelight Vigil to the White House, a 3 mike Walk, and the CureFest Festival on the National Mall.

4. What do you wish more people knew about your non profit or the work you are accomplishing? I guess we wish more people knew about all the opportunities available through Arms Wide Open/The Truth 365. Our goal is to reach as many people as we can and to            help as many families as we can.

Get Involved

5. How can we get involved in helping you achieve your mission? One way you can get involved is to share the posts we make on The Truth 365. We are currently collecting signatures on a petition awareness and reaching out to your local representatives will help, as well. 

We are so happy to share with you The Truth 365 and Arms Wide Open and the many ways they are serving the childhood cancer community.  Visit their website if you would like more information about or to get involved.

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