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Today we are happy to shine the photographer spotlight on Kiki Blue Photography. Kristy is located in beautiful Mount Dora, Florida. She has lived in plenty of states but Florida is her favorite.  She has 3 crazy little boys (each born in a different state and 2 actually on the same day 7 years apart) who have taught me how to be a master multitasker and get a smile out of anyone. She specializes in exceeding her clients expectations in a laid back but efficient, easy going professional way and loves to give back to the community.
What made you want to join tghp as a volunteer? A client-turned-good friend of mine had a little boy diagnosed with DIPG last August. His name is Cole, so they came up with the slogan ‘We Believe in MiraCOLEs’ (I thought that was so cute). I watched their journey drastically change but their faith only strengthened through it. In January of this year my friend asked me to take their last family photos as Cole’s health was deteriorating quickly.  My heart sank. Right at that moment I changed the way I looked at that camera in my hands. A few weeks later in February they invited me to take pictures at his half-birthday celebration. I could write a novel about all of the incredible experiences and amazing things people have done for this family. It was a little surreal that last summer I was at that very same clubhouse taking pictures of Cole’s 7th birthday party. The half birthday celebration was just incredible, even ending with a large firework display! Less than 48 hours later Cole passed in the arms of his family. The family asked if I would take pictures to document the funeral and viewing. I didn’t even flinch at the idea even though I hadn’t been to a funeral. I have never felt the veil between heaven and earth so thin than that day, and left feeling so incredibly uplifted. The most heart wrenching thing I’ve ever been a part of, yet at the same time my heart was filled and then over flowed with even more love and a better understanding of what a tiny speck this time on earth is in our eternal life. I vowed I was going to use what gifts I had to help families with similar struggles in any way I could.
Kiki Blue Photography
What is your favorite thing about being a photographer for The Gold Hope Project? Nothing brings us more joy in this life than serving others, so being able to do that while also using my talents is even more rewarding. Bringing even an hour of normalcy for these strong families in-between hospital visits, or frequent illness. To laugh and be silly and capture all the little details of their love for each other.

Has working with children with cancer changed anything in your life? 
Everything. It has changed everything. My outlook on life and perspective on my daily routine in general is totally different. How I photograph my families, brides, graduates, you name it, is different.

Kiki Blue Photography
What is one thing you hope to families you photograph for the project can take away from this experience? That they are loved more than they can even comprehend. I know that doesn’t have anything to do with photo’s, but I just hope through having their photos taken that they are felt loved and get a glimpse of how perfectly beautiful they are despite ugly circumstances. 

How would you describe your photography? Big? Haha I tend to shoot BIG pictures rather than intimate closeups.Maybe I have some kind of crop-phobia but it’s kind of a problem of mine lol. I like bright light and lots of color. There is always lots of laughing at my shoots and I LOVE outtakes.
Kiki Blue Photography

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A huge thanks to Kristy for volunteering her services with The Gold Hope Project!  Want to follow her lead?  Apply to be a volunteer photographer here.  


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