Photographer Spotlight – Pinkle Toes Photography

Today the photographer spotlight is on Michele Anderson of Pinkle Toes Photography.  Michele is self-taught photographer and has had the honor of photographing hundreds of families all across Austin, Texas and all over the world. She is beyond thrilled to be celebrating the TENTH anniversary of Pinkle Toes Photography this year. She is a mom to three, wife to one, and newly formed wannabe runner, barre and yoga addict.
What made you want to join The Gold Hope Project as a volunteer?
I was approached by The Gold Hope Project because there was a session need in my area and I was so impressed with the level of organization of TGHP and the rewarding nature of the work that I just couldn’t say no.
What is your favorite thing about being a TGHP photographer?  
Knowing you are doing something special and momentous.  Capturing family memories where the focus isn’t on illness, but instead on love and childhood.

Has working with children with cancer changed anything in your life? Of course…how could it not?  You are humbled by what families and children endure to get better.  You feel immense gratitude for any little problem you might have in your own life.  You are inspired by the resilience and courage of people much younger than you.

What is one thing you hope to families you photograph for the project can take away from this experience?  
Pride.  Pride in their families and in what they have and will overcome.    
How would you describe your photography?
Authentic, but unexpected.
Where are you located?  Austin, Texas

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