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We are so happy to be shining the photographer spotlight on the beautiful work of Karyn Olsson Photography. Karyn Olsson is a lifestyle family photographer in Orange, CA.  She is a wife, mother, sister and friend. Karyn is a self described people person and loves any opportunity to meet new friends. She has always had an appreciation of photography, but the flame really started to burn when she had her own children.  When asked to describe her photographic style the words she uses are; raw, emotive, and real. She wants to preserve the real and unique moments in each family.  Karyn shoots with a Canon 5dMark iii and her go to lens is the Canon 35 1.4L.

What made you want to join The Gold Hope Project as a volunteer? I always knew that I wanted to give back to the community through photography, I just did not know how I was going to make that happen. Then, I found The Gold Hope Project.  I knew the instant that I saw TGHP that I wanted to be a part of this wonderful project.  I wanted to be able to give a gift to these families that are battling childhood cancer.

What is your favorite thing about being a photographer for the projectThe families that I have met through the project are absolutely the best part of volunteering for The Gold Hope Project.  Words cannot describe how much these families have impacted and blessed me.  I am so grateful that they have allowed me to be a small part of their journey.


Has working with children with cancer changed anything in your life? Working with children that have cancer has brought a new awareness to my life in so many different ways.  The most notable, is that each day is truly a gift and that nothing is more important than the ones we love.

What is one thing you hope the families you photograph for the project can take away from this experience? My hope for each family is that they know that there are people in their community that care about what they are going through.  That we are here to support and help in a time of need.    

How would you describe your photographyI would describe my photography as emotive and real.  I strive to freeze real moments in time.  I want to capture that special moment between mother and child, the playfulness between siblings, and the unique bond within each family.

A big thank you to Karyn for sharing her gifts with our project.
Want to follow Karyn’s lead and become a volunteer photographer? Apply here.


Karyn Olsson Photography

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