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Today the Photographer Spotlight is on Kristen Vacca with The Flash Lady Photography.  Kristen is a storyteller of memories. She is celebrating her 5th year in business and is self-taught.  She strives to show the world how even a simple moment can last a lifetime. Her studio focuses on delivering a full service, high quality experience; from a couple’s walk down the aisle, to the birth of their first child, to their annual family sessions together as their life story grows. She wants to be there when life is allowed to stop for a moment and be cherished. She is a wife to her wonderful husband, mother of a beautiful daughter, and sibling with 3 brothers who taught her how fragile life can be (1st surviving Quadruplets born in Connecticut). She also enjoys hiking, camping, and traveling to wherever the beauty of nature takes her.


Where are you located? Newington, Connecticut

How would you describe your photography? Classic, custom, real. 

What made you want to join The Gold Hope Project as a volunteer?  I am a member of a few volunteer photography organizations, but I wanted to make sure that since photographing children is so dear to me that I volunteered for something specific that affects them and needs attention. Cancer has touched my life in many ways and I can’t imagine being a parent of a child going through that. With such a large mountain to climb, I want parents to know that as a mom, the least I can do is offer something that is dear to me to give back to them. They will have something special that will last a lifetime and they won’t have to worry about affording it themselves.


What is your favorite thing about being a Gold Hope photographer? One of my favorite things to plan for when photographing children is creating something special and unique just for them. I love that I can take this aspiration for gold hope kids as well (like I did with Nate’s session). I knew that the Army and snowy owl were really important to him and I made sure to do whatever I could to create an experience that not only I would remember but he would remember as well. When photographing for The Gold Hope Project, the family doesn’t have to think about what might come next, only what is right in front of them and how wonderful it is.

Has working with children with cancer changed anything in your life? Seeing these kids…it really makes you think about how lucky you are. Lucky to have a healthy child yourself, as I do. Lucky that we have organizations such as The Gold Hope Project that raise money to fight these horrible diseases. Lucky to meet these kids and families and see their strength, resilience and hope. It really is amazing.


What is one thing you hope to families you photograph for the project can take away from this experience? I hope that families see how important capturing every moment is and how far it can take them on their journey. Photography is truly a wonderful thing and no matter what medium it is in. I hope they look at these images over and over; print them out; share them with loved ones; smile, laugh, cry, and live each frame for all that it can be. I hope these sessions give them the medicine they need to get better.

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A huge thank you to Kristen for sharing her gift with The Gold Hope Project and giving back in such a big way!  Apply to be a volunteer photographer here.


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