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Tyler loves being silly and dancing! He usually laughs at his siblings being goofy or funny tv shows. He loves animals and tractors. He is a country boy!

Tyler was diagnosed at 3 years old with stage 4 brain cancer, Medulloblastoma. He was very lethargic, not acting like a normal 3 year old. He went through a clinical trial of 6 weeks of high dose radiation. He was supposed to do 7 months of high dose chemo but after 5 rounds his body started to shut down. The doctor’s said the cancer was coming back. So they sent him home on hospice.

Now that was 3 years ago. As soon as we were sent home on hospice, we changed his diet to all organic feeding tube formula, along with a lot of other supplements. We didn’t want to give up on him after he had fought so hard. He had to learn how to walk and talk again, but he is doing very well considering he was only given weeks to live. He now has to deal with hypothyroidism because of the treatment he went through. He occasionally has low sodium seizures that we have to try and minimize by giving him extra salt daily.

After all Tyler has been through it has made us all look at life a lot differently. I think it made us all closer than before. I can only speak for myself as his mom, but it has made me treasure every minute that we have together. Never take for granted your healthy children! Never give up, even when the doctors say there is no hope! This whole experience has taught me a lot about what really matters in this life and I have learned a lot about naturally treating cancer. That has sparked my passion and my mission to share and help others find hope!

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