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Ryan is hilariously funny! When he feels up to it he loves to wrestle and play football with his dad and brothers. He loves bubbles and chasing them. He also loves to throw glitter.

Early this year Ryan was experiencing bruising, low energy, and petechiae. On February 17th, 2016, he was diagnosed with leukemia. Ryan is the highest risk category and he has a 75% survival rate. Like many children with cancer, Ryan has been through many medical procedures including spinal taps, blood transfusions, allergic reactions, seizures, steroid withdrawal, and mood swings. Ryan’s current treatment plan includes weekly chemotherapy.

We struggle because the lack of time we have left for our other two children in between the many doctor and clinic appointments. Ryan has chemo, sometimes four days a week, so our time with our other two children has been less. It makes us feel extremely guilty. We are worried and stressed every day. Yet we have this new perspective, a perspective most people don’t get. Although I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone, I feel grateful for this new perspective that I get to teach my children what matters most in life…..Love! God is Love.


Hope session by Jenny LoBello Photography.  website |  facebook

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