Meet Raegan – Retinoblastoma

Raegan was diagnosed with retinoblastoma at the age of 22 months. Just four days before that, her dad, Dan, noticed that he could not remove “red eye” from some recent family photos. It appeared that Raegan had a hazy white spot on one of her eyes. After meeting with the pediatrician on Monday, and a pediatric ophthalmologist on Tuesday, the heartbreaking news that our sweet Raegan had retinoblastoma was relayed, and she, Tracy, and Dan were referred to St. Jude Research Hospital in Memphis. Her left eye was removed in July 2013. She undergoes Exams under Anesthesia (EUAs) every 10 weeks and MRIs every 6 months. She has been a trooper throughout this whole process. She handles everything so well. She hands her arm to the nurses when she needs her blood pressure checked, lifts up her shirt for the nurses to check her breathing, etc. Raegan loves to play outside, ride her bike, dance, crafts and playing with her baby dolls. She is very funny, independent, talkative, carefree and loves to get dirty.


Raegan ‘s Support page:

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