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On 4/17/15, at 9 years old, Paige was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Before her cancer diagnosis, Paige was silly and spunky and almost a little selfish. As you would expect any 9 year old girl to be. Her cancer journey, while never dimming her light or stealing her spunk, calmed the selfish. She’s become one of the most selfless, caring, compassionate people I know.
For 2 and a half years, Paige has been receiving chemotherapy. She’s undergone at least 15 spinal taps, had countless needle pokes, had minor surgeries, lost all her beautiful hair, multiple hospital stays and….she’s endured it all with grace, strength, and her unwavering smile. When her counts were low, and she couldn’t go outside, she spent her time reading, coloring, making ALL kinds of arts and crafts, painting, snuggling her puppy and watching YouTube.
Now that she is out of her protective bubble, she’s thoroughly enjoying getting to hang out with her friends, playing softball, enjoying middle school, riding her bike, going shopping, getting her nails done…and still reading (she LOVES Harry Potter) and watching YouTube.
This entire situation has changed all of us. While Paige was going through all of this, it was easy to sometimes view life with the half glass empty. But when you watch your child stand strong and ENDURE, it makes you appreciate everything. Every smile, every giggle…Every hug and I love you.
We are a household full of positivity now. Our cup runneth over!
Paige began her cancer journey a terrified, 9 year old, little girl with a lot of unknown lying ahead of her. On August 8th 2017, Paige, now 11 years old, will received her FINAL chemo treatment. On August 24th 2017, she will take her FINAL dose of oral chemo before bed.
Though she will still have to get monthly lab work done for the new few years, on August 25, 2017 she will get to go back to just being a kid again!
Hope session by Tammy Davis Photography (Paige’s mom!)
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