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Meet Isaiah – Neuroblastoma

Isaiah loves his big brother. He lights up the second he sees him. He’s crawling but not walking yet. He lovesView full post »

Free photos for pediatric cancer patients siblings hugging photo by The Gold Hope Project

Meet Henry – Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)

Henry is a wise soul. He is sweet and sensitive. His sense of humour is amazing. He giggles.. oh does he giggle.. whenView full post »

Photo sessions cancer patients boy with wilms tumor photo by The Gold Hope Project

Meet Mitchell – Wilms Tumor

Mitchell is a funny and very smart kid. He catches on to things very quickly and loves to play with “hisView full post »

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Meet Landon – Neuroblastoma

Landon is a happy loving kid. He loves being outside and his second favorite thing is playing on his Ipad. When LandonView full post »

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Meet Harper – Neuroblastoma

Harper is a silly, happy and very smart little girl. She loves to laugh but she also has a pretty fiery temper. SheView full post »

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Meet Marissela – Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Marissela is an old soul. She looks into you not at you. Her favorite thing in the entire world is music. That meansView full post »

free photo session for pediatric cancer patients photo by The Gold Hope Project

Meet Charlie – DIPG

Charlie has a quiet strength about him.  Charlie loves to laugh, and has an awesome (yet sarcastic) sense of humor.View full post »

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia child cancer patient photo by The Gold Hope Project

Meet Yasna – Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Yasna is a very active child and a wonderful part of our family. She is super sweet and brilliant! At just two yearsView full post »

Meet Lily – AML

Lily is super happy. She loves life and dancing. Her smile is contagious! Last fall, we thought she had a case of theView full post »

Meet Jules – ALL

Jules is generally happy go lucky kid. He has a pretty positive outlook on life. He tends to walk to the beat of hisView full post »

Meet Josiah – ALL

Josiah’s laugh is the most contagious thing on earth! He is seriously addicted to all things baseball andView full post »

Meet Luke – ALL

Luke loves his friends, making new friends, doing magic and building legos. Shortly before his 5th birthday, Luke wasView full post »

Meet Kalan – Wilms Tumor

Kalan loves life and he has a great imagination. He loves playing with legos and anything pokemon related. He lovesView full post »

Meet Kaavya – Wilms Tumor

Kaavya is a curious toddler, misses going to school and seeing her friends, loves watching peppa pig and caillou, lovesView full post »

Meet Joshua – ALL

Joshua is very outgoing, outspoken and caring. He loves playing sports, watching videos on his ipad and playing videoView full post »

Meet Ben – Retinoblastoma

Ben loves when we blow on his belly and neck…being tickeled, makes him giggle. Ben’s brother JackView full post »

Meet Heston – ALL

Heston is a funny, crazy kid!! He loves dirt bikes and four wheelers. He lives for his cows. He loves being cowboy withView full post »

Meet Liyum – Sarcoma

Liyum is the sweetest boy. He loves to love people. He has such a big heart for a five year old. What makes him laughView full post »

Meet Adrina – Wilms Tumor

Adrina is amazing! So outgoing and out spoken. She has a awesome sense of humor and is a little daredevil. She’sView full post »

Meet Ariana – Leukemia

Ariana is a goofy, sassy and naturally happy toddler. Her older brothers, aunt and cousin are the best at making herView full post »

Meet Billy – Neuroblastoma

Billy is so loving. He has become fearless, when before he was a shy guy. He LOVES indoor sky diving. It started as aView full post »

Meet Bristol – ALL

Bristol is a very outgoing, happy child. He loves cowboy boots, horses, cows, fishing and Mickey Mouse. He loves toView full post »

Meet Jake – ALL

Jake is a sweet caring child with a heart of gold unless he is on steroids…haha! He laughs when tickled, chased,View full post »

Meet Kahlo – Wilms Tumor

Kahlo is one of the most happiest children I know, he loves superheroes and currently loves the characters of theView full post »

Meet Camila – Wilms Tumor

Camila is so lively, spirited, determined, courageous and much more. A beautiful girly girl who loves to wear dresses,View full post »

Meet Alex – Leukemia

Alex is outgoing, playful, and a fun kid. He loves sports. Yankees Syracuse and NY Jets…all sports make himView full post »

Meet Reino – Rhabdomyosarcoma

Reino loves riding his scooter, jumping on the trampoline, swimming and more. His real love right now is weapons of allView full post »

Meet Evelyn – Retinoblastoma

Evelyn is amazing. She laughs and babbles all the time. Evelyn loves to dance and move. She enjoys being around otherView full post »

Meet Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a DIVA, she loves anything glitter! Her passion is animals(specifically horses)! When she grows up sheView full post »

Meet Ashley – Lymphoma

Ashley is open and carefree. She is always smiling! This summer Ashley experienced a sore shoulder.  Results of a chestView full post »

Meet Ryan – ALL

Ryan is hilariously funny! When he feels up to it he loves to wrestle and play football with his dad and brothers. HeView full post »

Meet Colton – Retinoblastoma

Colton is a live wire! Nothing brings him down. He’s a horse fanatic and loves to ride his horse Bullseye. HeView full post »

Meet Carlie – Ewing Sarcoma

Carlie is strong and always smiling. She loves to sing and has a beautiful voice. Carlie started her freshman year justView full post »

Meet Shephard – ALL

Shephard is our spirited child…strong willed! He loves all things bad guys. But don’t let him foolView full post »

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Meet Connor

Connor loves to play with nerf guns, xbox, all things dinosaurs, and military type things. Seeing us act silly makesView full post »

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Meet Ella Joy – Non-hodgkins Lymphoma

Ella Joy loves telling knock knock jokes! They make her laugh! She loves dancing with her younger brother Asaph. SheView full post »

Meet Abby – Retinoblastoma

Abby is a very lively and social child. She enjoys everyone she meets and is a ray of sunshine in the world. Abby isView full post »

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Meet Carter – ALL

Carter truly is a goof ball! He loved trucks, construction vehicles, animals, chasing lizards and frogs in the backView full post »

Meet Zack – Ewing Sarcoma

Zack was diagnosed for the first time with Ewing Sacroma in September 2014. Ewing Sacroma is cancer that occurs in theView full post »

Portrait Session Childhood Cancer Patients

Meet Phoenix – Neuroblastoma

Phoenix is amazing! He is easy going, happy, loving, silly, forgiving, sweet, and so strong. He loves to play with hisView full post »

Meet Lilly – Sarcoma

Lilly loves her brother, Ethan, and her step-siblings, Allison and Grant. She takes dance and gymnastics lessons andView full post »

Meet Zoey – Neuroblastoma

Zoey is a very funny 3 year old! She is sassy and a miss bossy pants. She makes me laugh every day! She loves to teaseView full post »

Meet Zane – ALL

Zane has an incredible sense of humor for a 12 year old.  Jokes and the typical spoofs on youtube are what make himView full post »

Meet Julissa – ALL

Julissa is a free spirit. She is 3 years old and quite the diva! She loves to dress up in her princess outfits andView full post »

free photos for kids with cancer

Meet Kelsie – Leukemia

Kelsie loves to laugh and play. She likes games like peek-a-boo and hide and seek. She loves to play outside, go to theView full post »

Meet Thomas – Desmoplastic Tumor

Thomas is an awesome, easy going, loving, friendly, kind, and considerate kid. He loves paw patrol, super heroes, StarView full post »

Meet Auvianna – AML

Auvianna is a self proclaimed princess. She loves her brothers and queen elsa. She has no problem speaking her mind. WeView full post »

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Meet Daniel – Retinoblastoma

Daniel loves to swing and be outside. He is shy and very sweet.  Daniel loves movement and is fascinated with toys thatView full post »

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Meet Raina – ALL

Raina is a silly 3 year old that loves to run around and she finds joy in the littlest things (like pulling my nose orView full post »

Meet Naysa – ALL

Naysa is a shy kid but doesn’t stop tallking once she opens up. She likes stuffed animals and dogs. She likesView full post »

Meet Kaydin – AMKL

Kaydin is a smart 12 month old baby. He enjoys music stories and mickey mouse. He likes stories and silly faces andView full post »

Meet Giana – ALL

On Saturday, August 9, 2014, we were on our way to take our daughter Giana to her second swim lesson. While puttingView full post »

photo session for cancer patients

Ellie – ALL

Ellie is wickedly smart… She reads books for people 6 years older! She loves to be silly, make a mess, etc. EllieView full post »

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Meet Kelsey – Infantile Fibrosarcoma

Kelsey is a first grader and loving school and math. She has two younger brothers, Carson, and Cayden. Even though sheView full post »

Charlotte – Retinoblastoma

My daughter Charlotte is bouncy, happy, loving, goofy, and focused. She loves to play, be tickled, receive love fromView full post »

Hayden – ALL

Hayden has a HUGE personality. He is typically the loudest person in the room and loves an audience. He is funny, smartView full post »

Meet Brendan – Retinoblastoma

Brendan is a tough cookie!!! He is one of 5 kids (but second born). He is extremely stubborn and strong-willed (givesView full post »

free photo session for childhood cancer patients

Meet Torin – PNET

Torin is all about everything geek (Dungeons and Dragons, Dr Who, wizardry, Star Wars, etc. He loves computer games andView full post »

free portraits for childhood cancer kids

Meet Kennedy – Pleuropulmonary Blastoma

Kennedy is very bubbly and extremely independent (NOT a cuddler or clingy!) She loves to play hard all day. Kennedy isView full post »

Meet Liam – JMML leukemia

Liam was diagnosed with a disorder called neurofibromatosis. It causes tumors to grow on the end of your nerves. LiamView full post »

Meet Ashley – ALL

Ashley loves to color, do crafts and play with her babies. She also loves stuffed animals, loves being outside, andView full post »

Meet Mya – Germ Cell Tumor

Mya loves her dogs, Baxter and Roxy, and her daddy. If they are in the same room, Mya always has a smile on herView full post »

child with leukemia

Meet Luke – ALL

Luke is everyone’s favorite kid! He has such a loveable personality and his chubby cheeks are so kissable asView full post »

Meet Brantley – DIPG

Brantley loves to laugh at funny faces, and jokes! He loves any kind of action and action figures, especiallyView full post »

Meet Maddie – AML

Maddie loves disney, music and dancing….what little girl doesn’t?!?  After some low grade fevers and mildView full post »

Meet Matthew – Lymphoma

Matthew is a happy go lucky type of kid and very giggly. He’s a jokester! Early this year he was not feelingView full post »

Meet Henry – ALL

Henry is full of energy. Henry is strong and has kind of an old soul for a 2 year old. Henry enjoys everything hockey.View full post »

Meet Samuel – ALL

Sam laughs a lot. He laughs with his brother and he laughs with his friends and classmates. He laughs when we tickleView full post »

Meet Henrik

Henrik…oh what a card! Henrik just turned twelve years old. He is such a compassionate young man, and so soView full post »

Meet Angel – DIPG

Angel is the happiest and most outgoing seven year old little boy.  He adores Spiderman! He started to loose hisView full post »

Meet Jeremy – Neuroblastoma

Jeremy is a spunky, goofy, snuggly, precious, and FUN little boy. Jeremy loves , loves, loves anything and everythingView full post »

Meet Juan – Leukemia

Juan is one happy boy!  He loves playing with his 4 brothers. He loves playing with balls, things to push andView full post »

Meet Nate – Leukemia

Nate was diagnosed with acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on 4-5-06. He went through three and a half years of chemotherapy.View full post »

Meet Parker – Recurrent Medulloblastoma

Parker is quiet and doesn’t like attention.  He likes to watch funny videos and he has passion for remoteView full post »

Meet Brooke – ALL

Brooke is  spirited, playful and full of life.  Halloween is Brooke’s very favorite time of the year. She lovesView full post »