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Nicole’s personality is beautiful. Nicole has such a caring heart, always looking out for the underdog. Being with her friends and family makes her laugh. All her friends refer to her as the mom of the group. Nicole is a basketball player and is on the varsity team at school, she has been playing since she is 5 yrs old.

Nicole was diagnosed on July 27, 2011 with Ana Plastic Large Cell Lymphoma. Her only odd symptom was a growth under her arm. She had bone marrow biopsy, had surgery under her arm and also found another spot and had to have that removed. She was in extensive treatment for 6 months. Then once a month chemo or a year and then a chemo pill for another 6 months.

Not a day went by that Nicole didn’t have a smile on her face. Even when she was sick, she didn’t want it to stop her. She would never stay in bed always had to be up. When we would go to the hospital for chemo, everyone loved her there. She would walk in with her cap on and always had matching earrings. She would sit behind the desk with the nurses and just talk to everyone.

Cancer changed us for the better. Everything that I pushed away before is now important. You never know what life will bring you. When Nicole graduated 8th grad,  I cried like a baby when I saw her walk with her friends. Because before I would have took graduation for granted like another day. Well that day was hard, all the “what ifs” that went through my mind. What if she didn’t make it, what if she was still in treatment, etc. Now that she reached her senior year of high school all those emotions are rushing back. We spend a lot of time together as a family and enjoy every second. My kids are more caring and it’s nice to see.

Hope session by Buatti-Ramos Photography | Facebook | Instagram

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