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Nate was diagnosed with acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on 4-5-06. He went through three and a half years of chemotherapy.  He is currently  almost 7 years off chemo and considered cured. His immune system, took quite a beating from the chemotherapy and is still trying to recover. He receives IVIG every 4 weeks, to help his immune system.  During chemotherapy he went through 3 port -a-caths, 6 sets of ear tubes and his tonsils and adenoids were taken out twice. Apparently they can grow back!  He had his gallbladder removed as it was full of gallstones from the TPN he was on. He has had his sinuses scraped twice and currently deals with horrible migraines.
Nate loves the army and hopes to enlist one day.  He always loves snowy owls and believes they helped cure him.



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