Meet Naomi – ALL

Naomi was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia on February 17th 2012. She will be in treatment until May 21st 2014. Naomi has a twin sister Lorelai. Naomi and Lorelai are the best of friends and Lorelai has been the best medicine to help Naomi continue to be a normal child. We have adjusted to a new kind of normal as a family, and the four of us are stronger than ever. When Naomi was first diagnosed we were in shock that it could happen to our child, we were desperate to beat the cancer to keep Naomi and her twin sister Lorelai together. We were shocked that when Naomi finishes her treatment she would have been in treatment for more than half of her life. Naomi has endured many hours of long IV chemotherapy treatments, has lumbar punctures (removal of spinal fluid and chemo into spine) regularly under general anesthetic, has daily chemo, monthly steroids and weekly antibiotics to prevent pneumonia. Naomi has blood transfusions when her red cells are low. She also has a lowered immune system so has to be protected and often isolated to prevent serious infections or illness. Naomi also has weekly blood tests at home to check how her blood counts are responding to the chemotherapy. Naomi is so tough through all her treatments, she knows no different. When the girls play their toys often have ‘ookemia’ and need to go to hospital to have medicine. Both girls love going to the hospital to see their favorite nurses and to play. Naomi’s favorite things to do for fun are playing with Lorelai, riding her bike, going to the park, playing with sand in the garden, painting, ballet lessons. She loves Disney films and is cheeky, happy and truly inspirational. She makes everyone who meets her smile and laugh.


Hope Session by Kofo Baptist Photography.  website | facebook

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