Meet Maddy – Neuroblastoma

Maddy always had leg pain since she was a toddler. The week of September 17th, it got worse. She was complaining everyday and not being very active. Then she was sick for 24 hours with a fever and vomiting. So I figured virus. Then two days after that she woke up with a lymph node on her neck the size of a gum ball. So we went in to doctor. Now since Maddy was a perfectly healthy kid before this we had never been to a doctor in Texas. She had her last we’ll visit in Illinois. So this doctor didn’t know us at all. She said it was a virus, I said I’d still like blood work because of her looking anemic. She agreed. The next day I was expecting a call saying here is a prescription for iron pills but instead I get oncology is going to be calling you and don’t freak out. Excuse me?! Don’t freak out?! I did.

We went right in and was admitted that day. Five days later we got our final diagnosis, stage 4 Neuroblastoma. I will never forget September 26. The worse day of our lives. The day our world changed. I’ve taught myself to take one day at a time and stop thinking what is going to happen in the future. We live for the day.

She has gone through, countless pokes and blood transfusion, surgeries, scans, five rounds of chemotherapy, stem cell transplant, radiation, and antibody therapy. She is currently in her final months of treatment at cook children’s hospital in Fort Worth. She is doing her antibody course 3/5. She is a sassy lil fighter that is so excited to start kindergarten this month.


Maddy’s support page Miracle 4 Maddy.

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