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Luke is everyone’s favorite kid! He has such a loveable personality and his chubby cheeks are so kissable as well! He is always on the go, running and playing with his 50383 balls he has! He loves anything paw patrol or frozen. He loves bubbles and all animals too!

Luke wasn’t acting himself, had weird bruising, was not eating well and constantly tired.  Then on January 21, 2016 he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia T-Cell.  Luke started chemo the night he was diagnosed. He has had 7 different types of chemotherapy over the past 3 months. He got a blood clot from a pick line and had to have the clot removed surgically. I have quit my teaching job to stay home with Luke, but he is such a daddy’s boy, so it’s hard to be away from him at the hospital for treatments for 4 days at a time.

Cancer has totally changed our lives. We were always out and about. Luke was such a social butterfly, but now to keep him healthy, we have to stay home or stay away from a lot of people who are sick. I have to give Luke 2 shots a day, so we can’t ever have a night or morning “away” or a date night, because not just anyone will give a toddler a shot for you!



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