Meet Landon – Neuroblastoma

Landon is a happy loving kid. He loves being outside and his second favorite thing is playing on his Ipad.

When Landon was just seven months old, we noticed he had shortness of breath. We thought that was odd. The doctors

took a chest x-ray and noticed that his heart looked enlarged. They decided to transfer him to Children’s Memorial Herman in Houston. When the doctors at CMH took another chest x-ray, they found a large tumor that was putting pressure on his lungs and heart. So that is how this difficult journey of Neuroblastoma cancer began. Neuroblastoma often occurs in children under 5 and is the most common type of cancer that affects babies under 1.

Landon has had 3 years worth of chemotherapy, 12 rounds of immunotherapy, 4 surgeries, and 20 rounds of proton therapy. Landon’s treating hospital is 3 1/2 hours away from our home. Landon and I stay in Fort Worth, Texas to be close to the hospital. His dad and grandfather visit every weekend. It is a struggle not being able to be home and have a “normal” life.

Landon is nervous around strangers and is socially delayed. He has never been able to go to daycare or Mother’s Day out due to treatment or his counts being low. He is still fighting and has a good prognosis.

When I was asked what kind of pictures I wanted of Landon, my reply was him just getting to be a little boy. After many long hospital stays, living out of town, and shots and pokes, I look at these pictures and my heart fills with love and my eyes fill with tears. They are just so precious.

Landon’s support page

Hope session by Piper Anne Photography.  instagram | facebook

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