Meet Kendall – Neuroblastoma

Kendall is a one year old little girl who was recently diagnosed with neuroblastoma.  Her parents noticed a black eye that wouldn’t go away and was even bulging a little.  After taking her to two different emergency rooms, a cat scan revealed a mass behind her eye.  After being transferred to Cleveland’s rainbows babies and children’s hospital, it was discovered that she has another mass in her stomach. After a few tests it was determined Kendall has stage 4 neuroblastoma. Kendall has been thru 4 rounds of chemotherapy and has shrunk her tumors tremendously. The tumor behind her eye is dead and no longer there. Overall Kendall is a very happy baby girl. When she’s not in the hospital she enjoys spending time with her sister Kassidy (age 6) and Kennedy (age 4).



Kendall’s Support Page

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