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Keeton is a sweet, tender hearted, shy boy. He has congenital glaucoma which required many surgeries early in life. That made him shy and gesturing to get to know others. He is very kind and loving. Being with his brothers makes him laugh the most. He enjoys his dog (or any dogs for that matter ) very much!

Leading up to his diagnosis of Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, we really didn’t notice any weird symptoms. He only had a slight cough so it was shocking! He has had numerous lumbar punctures, oral chemo, injectible chemo, CT scans, X-rays, IV chemo, bone marrow aspiration, inpatient hospitalization two times.

We struggle as a family keeping him motivated and interactive. I have had to reduce my work hours to stay home more. We have been limited in what we can do, when we can do it and who we can be with. Cancer effects his older brothers as well. Many fluctuations and disruptions. We have had to miss out on our other children’s acrivities as well.

Keeton has fought many battles in his short 12 years on this earth! From glaucoma, to a suspected blood disorder, to growth hormone deficiency, and now cancer. He has fought through all of them and I want to bring his joy back!

Hope session by Mel Miller Photography | Facebook | Instagram

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