Meet Kate – ALL

Our sweet and spunky Kate Olivia was living an ordinary toddler-hood until the late summer of 2013 when we noticed some excessive bruising on her legs & arms. Kate is adventurous, but certainly not to the extent that she should be bruising as much as she was. It didn’t take long for us to suspect something was up. We took her to her wonderful pediatrician for some simple bloodwork, thinking maybe she had anemia.  The very next day, on August 15th, our beautiful 2 year old was diagnosed with high risk Pre-B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. While this is a very treatable type of pediatric cancer, Kate is in for a long road with a treatment schedule of just over 2 years.




Katies support page : Prayers for Kate

Hope Session by Tabitha Rhea Photography.  website |  facebook

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