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Kahlo is one of the most happiest children I know, he loves superheroes and currently loves the characters of the Frozen movie. He loves playing legos with his older brother Aiden.

On July 16th, we took him to the emergency room because he had blood in his urine. We found out he had Wilms Tumor just days later. Wilms Tumor is a type of cancer that starts in the kidneys and always affects children. There are two types of Wilms Tumor cells, favorable and unfavorable. Thankfully Kahlo’s tumor came back with favorable results and this means curing his tumor is easier than unfavorable tumors. Kahlo’s treatment plan has consisted of surgery to remove the tumor, a second surgery to insert his port for chemotherapy delivery, 6 radiation sessions, and he has completed 6 out of the 24 chemo cycles.

This news has affected not only our immediate family but our whole family. We are staying positive and trying to make this ride as smooth as possible for him.


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