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Kaavya is a curious toddler, misses going to school and seeing her friends, loves watching peppa pig and caillou, loves going out, loves the beach and vacation (packing bags part, getting on a plane or staying at a hotel- she finds it fun), loves princesses, and is into pretend play. Kaavya has a beautiful spirit! At her little age, life is black or white. She has painful moments but as soon as she is better, she is back to her normal playful and fun self. She doesn’t question her pain. I am thankful for that. I want to be like her!

Kaavya was assymptomatic. We felt a mass in her abdomen at home and took her to the doctor. She didn’t get sick all year so we hadn’t seen her doc in almost a year! In October of last year she was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor. Her treatment plan included a major surgery to remove the tumor and a kidney, and she is now undergoing chemotherapy.

It is amazing to see the will to bounce back in children. Her empathy for others going through procedures in the hospital melts my heart and makes me proud. She cooperates with the hospital staff but cries and feels bad for any adult or child in pain….even if she is watching tv… and says “I don’t want them to get a poke/ I don’t want them to be sad”. Her ability to empathize!

Her diagnosis changed our lives in a moment. Childhood cancer, we hear about it and read about it but never imagine it happening to anyone you know; least of all to you. It was surreal! Accepting it as our new reality was the hardest. Kaavya is our lil warrior, I drew strength from her in my weak moments! She is an amazing little girl and I am blessed to be her mom. Her diagnosis made us stronger as a family. We also felt greatful and blessed for having a loving and supportive family and friends. Thoughtful gestures from complete strangers reaffirmed our faith in humanity.


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