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Joshua is very outgoing, outspoken and caring. He loves playing sports, watching videos on his ipad and playing video games.

In early 2011, he was experiencing unexplained fevers, leg pain and nosebleeds. He was then diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). ALL occurs when errors occur in the DNA of bone marrow cells. Joshua’s early symptom are common signs of leukemia. Children can also experience bruising, bone pain and enlarged lymph nodes. Treatment plans are usually very long and consistent of active treatment, maintenance and then remission. His diagnosis was very traumatic for the whole family and our lives were changed forever.

Joshua has been in remission and off treatment for 2 years. He was very brave throughout his whole treatment. He endured over three years of treatment with a resilience and grace we never thought anyone had, let alone a child.

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