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JJ has a heart of gold. He is extremely sweet, creative, fun and very brave. He is always giving me and my daughter compliments and is so caring. He loves playing outdoors (baseball with dad) and LOVES legos ! He really likes power rangers and transformers too.

In the spring of 2015, we noticed a few odd things. JJ had been having high fevers, petekia , was pale and lethargic. That’s when everything changed. He had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia or ALL. ALL has a long treatment and JJ has been through so much! He has had 27 lumbar punctures ( spinal chemo procedure), hair loss 2 times, takes steroids for 5 days every month (with many negative side effects), has oral chemo (a pill) every night, and chemo infusions every month. He has more to go through until the end of treatment in June 2018.

Childhood cancer has given us a new norm. Everything has to be planned around his treatment schedule and always the possibility of a fever.  So we have to always be 1 hour away from a hospital. Plans are getting intruppted/ canceled and changed frequently due to unexpected fevers/ ER trips, etc. And siblings have to go last minute with family members or for sleep overs. It’s a juggling act!

JJ is very proud to be a cancer fighter and is proud of his beads of courage that he has earned for each step of the journey. He loves talking to people about what each bead means and what he has been through. He is very strong and courageous. He, as well as our whole family, has been leaning on our faith and trust in God during this long and tough journey!

Hope session by Molly Garg Photography | Facebook | Instagram

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