Meet Jenna – ALL

Jenna doesn’t have much to say. She’s quiet, but don’t mistake that for a lack of strength. This young lady is as strong as they come. She is a survivor of ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia). She has been off treatment since February 2013. Jenna has not battled alone. She has been supported by her parents and siblings and they have all recently enjoyed their first summer of normalcy in several years. Jenna loves soccer and art. She especially loves painting so I knew we would need to incorporate that passion into our session. When asked about Jenna’s favorite features, her mother responded with her sweet smile and her strength. Despite how leukemia took over her life, Jenna never let it define her. So happy you are a survivor!!


Jenna’s caringbridge

Hope session by Wendy Wicker Phillips Photography.  website |  facebook

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