Meet Jazmyn

Jazmyn is a gorgeous 15 year old with a smile that can light up a city and a fabulous attitude to boot! In June of 2012 after a visit with her godmother in Houston, Jazmyn was experiencing some pain in her leg that eventually led to swelling. Visits to her primary care physician and a sports medicine specialist led to multiple scans and a biopsy, and finally a diagnosis of cancer. Jazmyn braved her way through 12 rounds of chemotherapy, as well as surgery to remove the tumor along with part of her tibia and fibula, and a total knee replacement. Unfortunately, after many failed attempts of treatment the wound would not heal, and Jazmyn was given the option of having her leg removed at the knee. Jazmyn decided to go ahead with the removal, proof of the courage this remarkable young lady has!


Hope Session by Julie Shi Photography.  website |  facebook

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