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Jake is a sweet caring child with a heart of gold unless he is on steroids…haha! He laughs when tickled, chased, and playing with his little sister. He loves sports – basketball, soccer, etc. and racing…loves race cars. His favorite animal friend is his stuffed dinosaur Arlo – he goes with us everywhere!

In October of 2015, Jake wasn’t feeling like himself and was experiencing fevers, bruising, yellowing of skin, ear infections and strep throat. When he was still running a high fever, we went in for a follow up visit to our pediatrician.  She ran a CBC and discovered his cell counts were not good and sent us to the Texas Children’s Hospital ER.  They told us everything was pointing to leukemia and they were transporting us to the main Texas Children’s Hospital location in downtown Houston. We were checked into the ICU.

Jake was officially diagnosed on Saturday, October 10th with Leukemia (Pre-B ALL). We were able to move from ICU to a room on the Oncology floor on Sunday night.  Jake started chemotherapy on Monday.  Fever and bruising are common signs of leukemia, a cancer that forms in the blood cells. With common treatment plans for leukemia lasting years, Jake has been through chemotherapy, spinal taps, breathing treatments, port placement and accessing, MRI, etc.

Needless to say, everything happened so fast that the shock had not worn off by the time treatment started. We have been extremely blessed with so many wonderful family and friends praying for Jake and us.  We cannot thank all of you enough for everything you have done and for every prayer sent to the Good Lord above.  We are thankful to God for each of you.  Please continue to pray that God heals our amazing little boy and that He gives Jake and us strength to handle each new day.



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