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Jaden is your typical loving corky little boy who loves family. His little brother and cousins love to be around him because he always finds a way to make them smile
He is extremely talented with electronics and loves to figure new things out. Jaden loves doing anything or nothing at all as long as he is surrounded by his family and friends. He is perfectly happy sitting on the couch watching T.V, playing board games or getting out and about riding bikes….it doesn’t matter the activity, its the company he gives.

On Mother’s Day weekend in 2009, our world changed. Jaden was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia or ALL. He has been through chemo, blood transfusions and all the procedures required while in treatment.

I had to quit my job in order to tend to his care, this caused a lot of financial stress on our family. His diagnosis has changed our family life. We appreciate the small things and are able to roll with the punches. He has truly taught us that anything is possible and you can get through anything with a smile on your face.

Jaden has celebrated his 5 years as a survivor in July. This is a huge milestone and we could not be more prouder of him! He has shown strength and courage through it all. Even after treatment Jaden had a big battle ahead of him to catch up with everyone his age. He still had some side effects of forgetting things and learning new concepts, even learning to read at his class level. However, with determination and consistency he has proven that there is no challenge he can’t take on. Jaden is now at his reading level, has completed level 9 swimming and currently looking to go for the Bronze medallion. He has taken his love for electronics and applied it to his math subject to help him better understand the one subject he has struggled with the most. Our nick name for Jaden is ” Little Soldier” because he has been an absolute soldier through this entire journey and continues to accomplish the impossible.

Hope session by Love Bee Photography.

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