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Jace is an extremely happy 17 month old. He loves to dance to music and play with his friends. He especially loves to make people laugh with his silliness. Just by looking at Jace you would have no clue the battle he is fighting. He is our hero and our inspiration.

On September 20th 2015 he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma.  An X-ray of his chest was preformed because of a cough he had. The doctors at the Bellevue Hospital thought he had either severe pneumonia or a collapsed lung based off the X-ray. They then transferred us to the Toledo Children’s Hospital where with further testing they determined there is a Neuroblastoma behind his left lung.  He will be undergoing surgery in about a week to remove the mass from his chest. How the surgery goes will determine if he will have to undergo chemotherapy. His cancer diagnosis has changed our family life tremendously. We now have constant doctors appointments and we worry about what is to come.  



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