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Izzy is a spunky, sassy, happy 6 year old! She love cheer leading and playing with her toys! She is a huge dog lover, she loves playing babies and with her calico critters. Izzy is a very strong little girl! If it wouldn’t be for the hair loose you wouldn’t even know she was sick most days! She hides it so well. She handles treatments very well. She takes her medicine without any fights now! Lol she struggled at first. We have been very fortunate with Izzys journey. She has had a few hurdles (like a kidney stone) but she jumps right through them! She is my hero and I am so proud of the strong little girl she is!

Cancer has changed our perspective on life so much. We have lost family and friends who we thought would be by our side. We have learned to let things go and not wait until tomorrow, because there may not be a tomorrow. This journey has brought our family so much closer.

Izzy’s support page

Hope session by Beth Smith Photography.


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