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Henrik…oh what a card! Henrik just turned twelve years old. He is such a compassionate young man, and so so funny! He loves to tell jokes (especially blonde jokes).  He has taught himself how to beat box, loves music, comedies, animals, nature, and science. Henrik is really special – I know all kids are- but he’s an old soul. He’s so smart. He’s been in advanced classes at school since 3rd grade.

Henrik was having headaches, spots in his vision and general fatigue when he was diagnosed with mixed cell pineal region germ cell tumor (a brain tumor) on May 2, 2014. Henrik has now had three brain surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation. He has a mixed cell tumor, and one type will not respond to treatment (and is inoperable). He will be getting MRI’s every 3 months for a few years, and eventually at least one a year for life. He may be facing surgery again at some point. It’s caused so many emotional struggles, as well as financial for our family. Between unpaid FMLA (Henrik’s dad) and his mom staying at home to care for him, bills have piled up.

Henrik has had to either be in the hospital or at home for a lot of the past 19 months. He’s still in school but it’s become a bit of a struggle at times for him to catch up. Since the tumor, he’s had to go to mainstream math due to some issues with learning. He isn’t able to play sports so is not in PE at school, so instead he is a teacher’s aid for one period. He tutors a boy who needs special help with reading and LOVES doing it!

His mother no longer works outside of the home so that she can tend to his medical and emotional needs. Henrik cancer diagnosis has brought their family together spiritually and emotionally.









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