Meet Elizabeth – Wilms Tumor

Elizabeth is the happiest, silliest little girl you will ever meet. She has always loved life and couldn’t wait to see what each new day would bring. Her laughter, silliness and zest for life are contagious. In April of 2013, six year old Elizabeth was diagnosed with Stage 4 Wilms Tumor. As it would for any family, this news crushed her entire family’s life. However, it is Elizabeth’s strong spirit and silliness that has made this nightmarish journey much easier for everyone. She continues to take each day as it comes and looks forward to her frequent trips to the hospital. As you can imagine, she has made friends with her nurses, child life specialists, and doctors.

Elizabeth has bravely faced 19 weeks of chemotherapy, 12 days of radiation therapy, and an extensive surgery to remove the tumor as well as her right kidney. She has become an amazingly strong little girl!

Elizabeth loves staying in contact with her friends at school (even through she can’t go to school right now). She loves My Little Pony, Disney Princesses, playing on the iPad, and playing with her 2 year old sister, Anna! Elizabeth still has 12 more weeks of treatment to endure. During that time we will continue to celebrate each day, thanks to Elizabeth’s precious, fun-loving spirit!


Elizabeth’s support group

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