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Eden is such a special little boy, as all warriors are. He loves to laugh at the silly things his brother does. He loves his chihuahua, Millie. She always makes him smile. He loves the beach and swimming and being outside. His favorite thing is his “gwanks” (blankets).

In the spring of 2015, Eden was experiencing tiredness, falling, bruising, pustules in throat, repeated illness, fever, not eating, and extreme lethargy. These are very common symptoms for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia or ALL. Eden was diagnosed on March 23, 2015. After many rounds of chemo, multiple MRIs, lumbar punctures, numerous blood and platelet transfusions, chemical meningitis, and methotrexate toxicity, his prognosis is good.

Childhood cancer has changed every single aspect of our lives. We have become closer to one another and are now hyper aware of all germs and potential hazards. You really find out who your friends are… strangers have become closer than the closest friend before cancer.

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Hope session by Jenny Reese Photography.

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