Meet David – Neuroblastoma

David’s cancer was discovered after he was having a hard time walking, having fevers, and was simply not being himself. It was after about a month of doing all kinds of tests to figure out what was wrong with him. Then finally in June of 2012 they found a large mass wrapped around the adrenal gland to his left kidney, and it was then confirmed that it was Neuroblastoma. We also had it confirmed that it was Stage 4.

David has been in treatment since June of 2012. He has received 8 rounds of chemo, tumor resection, 2 rounds of MIBG therapy, megachemo & stem cell transplant, 4 weeks of radiation, and he is getting ready to start Immunotherapy/Antibodytherapy. He’s also had countless CT scans, bone marrow biopsies, and MIBG scans.

David handles treatments like a trooper. He rarely got sick during chemo and dealt well with the boredom and isolation of MIBG Therapy. His roughest treatment was the megachemo and stem cell transplant. But he handles treatment and bounces back very quickly!

David’s personality can be described with this sentence, “The class clown and jokester!” He loves playing jokes on people and simply being a goof. He also loves to play “shy” with his nurses and doctors during treatment, but they all know that he’s playing with them. He’s a child that can physically get sick during chemo, but then 5 mins later he’s goofing around! David loves StarWars, Football, going to school, and simply playing with his family!



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