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Daniel loves to swing and be outside. He is shy and very sweet.  Daniel loves movement and is fascinated with toys that spin. He loves music and lights up when he hears the theme song to one of his favorite cartoons like Caillou and the Wiggles.

When Daniel was a baby he had seizures. This led to genetic testing which revealed his deletion of the 13th chromosome. Deletion of the 13th chromosome is a rare genetic condition that can affect a variety of other organ systems.  Children with a deletion of the 13th chromosome are at an increased risk for retinoblastoma and some other cancers. An eye exam under anesthesia was performed and Daniel was diagnosed with unilateral retinoblastoma in 2011.

He has had laser therapy, cryotherapy, and chemo injections into his eye. He is at risk of tumors in his eyes until age 7 and at risk of secondary cancers for life.

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