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Corinne is an amazing kid who is extremely loved. She loves Daddy, bubbles, balloons, swing, cats, fish, and books.

Shortly before Corinne’s first birthday, she was having balance issues, vomiting, not hitting milestones, and not taking to solid food. It was soon after that we discovered she had a brain tumor. We went right on a treatment plan that consisted of chemo, radiation cycles (5 different times), many surgeries, many scans under anesthesia, 3 stem cell transplant cycles with high dose chemo, and 3 experimental drug “trials.”

Her cancer diagnosis caused global delays. She needs support to sit. Corinne is not ambulatory and she knows a few words and about 25 signs. She is g-tube dependent. It’s a full time job to keep up with Corinne’s medical and therapeutic schedule. I quit my job in order to do so. We worry a lot.

Unfortunately her doctor doesn’t think she has long as her tumors have metastasized.

Hope session by Pinkle Toes Photography | Facebook | Instagram

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