Meet Connor – Ewings Sarcoma

Conner is 4 with Ewings Sarcoma. Conner is a super sweet, often soft spoken, funny, 4 year old. He says the funniest things, probably because his sister is 16 and brother is 18. Conner was very much our “miracle” baby to start with. My husband and I are high school sweethearts. We got married at 18, had first born at 21, second born at 23. We thought we were done, my husband had a “V”. Fast forward a few years and we didn’t feel “complete”. 10.5 years after the “V” my husband had a reversal. It was a success and within 2 months I was pregnant with Conner. Conner is our family’s blessing. Conner has taught the older two what true unconditional love is.

The “journey” started the day our household goods were being loaded in a moving truck for our PCS from Abilene, TX to Colorado Springs, CO.

What started with a trip to the Urgent Care for possible pneumonia has turned into a journey that no one ever wants to walk down. On January 21st, 2013 Conner had a fever of 103.5, we took him into the urgent care and he was diagnosed with an Upper Respiratory Infection and given a 5 day Zpack. 6 Days later on 1/27 his tonsils looked “large” so we took him back to the urgent care where he was diagnosed with strep. He was given Amoxicillan for 10 days. On 2/5 he finished his antibiotics. On 2/8 the school nurse called and said he had a fever of 100.2, we then took him to urgent care again where the doctor wanted a chest X-ray to check for pneumonia. They found alarge “mass” on his upper left lung. We were then sent to the ER at Abilene Regional Medical Center where Conner was later admitted. Conner was put on IV Antibiotics and another Xray was taken the next day, when the Xray showed no shrinkage of the “mass” they ordered a CT scan for Monday 2/11. Conner was careflighted to Cooks in Ft Worth that night. On Tuesday 2/12 Conner underwent surgery for what the surgeons called a “cystic” looking mass. After surgery the Dr’s told us it was a Small Round Blue Cell Tumor. Pathology reports came back on 2/14 which diagnosed him with Ewings Sarcoma. A highly aggressive Bone Cancer. Since we were in the middle of a PCS to CO, we asked to be transferred immediately for further testing. We drove overnight to begin treatment in CO. We arrived at Children’s Hospital in Aurora, CO in February. Conner loves sports, his siblings & being a Wylie Bulldog. He loves going to the football games, watching his sister play soccer, & playing with his brother.



Conners support page | Conner’s Crusade

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  • Todd - You are not going to believe this, but cancer made me better, parts of life harder, but worth it. I was working all the time when I got cancer. 10 rounds of chemo and a month of radiation that I worked through while taking. Afterwards, I stopped working all the time. Started taking vacations and met the most woman in the world who later became my wife. Cancer kicked me into gear to start enjoying life and having a deeper appreciation of the world. Slight little winds that tend to hit and come at just the right time. Great thunderstorms. driving in the snow…and getting stuck in the snow. You and I share a brotherhood by having fought this unimigineable sickness. I leaves you to look at another, smile or greet, and then realize I am stronger than you. Another person could not probably have doe what you have done. As is in pic 6. Stay strongReplyCancel