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Carlie is strong and always smiling. She loves to sing and has a beautiful voice. Carlie started her freshman year just like any other teen. Weeks later, during volleyball, she started to have some right shoulder pain. On September 27th 2015 she went to the Milford emergency room. After a CT scan was performed, we discovered she had a tumor in her clavicle bone. That night we went into Boston Children’s Hospital. On October 8th she was told that she had Ewings sarcoma. A very rare and aggressive bone cancer usually found in children and young adults. There are only about 200 cases per year in the United States. About 1.5% of those cases will have a tumor in the clavicle bone. Carlie started chemo on October 12. Carlie receives chemo every other week at Dana-Farber Boston children’s Jimmy Fund Clinic.

Cancer changes everything! I have been out of work for a year to care for Carlie. My husband took 6 months off too. Carlie has three little sisters who are also affected by her diagnosis. She has been homeschooled all year. Through it all Carlie is positive and never complains, even on her bad days.


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