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Camila is so lively, spirited, determined, courageous and much more. A beautiful girly girl who loves to wear dresses, the bigger the better and if it was up to her, she would wear make up every day. She compliments the way I dress and says how she loves my “sparkly eyes” when I wear make up. She loves princesses and her wish is to become a beautiful princess. She loves playing dress up, playing with her dolls, and playing with her older brothers. She’s also a tough cookie as she likes to play wrestling with her brother.

Camila was born a healthy girl. The only thing we noticed that was abnormal was a small bony growth in her left rib that we were able to feel but otherwise unnoticed. I have the same thing. Its called Exostosis and it’s herediary. It’s a benign outgrowth of cartillaginous tissue on a bone. That was it and she was fine for two years. Then one day she started having fevers, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain for days before I took her to her pediatrician two days in a row. That day my daughter had an abdominal ultrasound which revealed a large mass in her abdomen. We rushed her to the hospital where they did further imaging and found out that the mass was coming from the left kidney. She was severely anemic because the left kidney was bleeding so she received multiple blood transfusions. Her blood pressure and heart rate were high and very concerning because the tumor was so big that it was pushing her internal organs.

She was diagnosed March 30th 2016 with wilms tumor and thankfully her prognosis is good. Her cancer is favorable and has a high survival rate. We are hanging on to every inch of that hope. Although her cancer, pathology results, and so far her treatment have all been favorable, it’s still cancer. Malignant cancer that is, and that in itself is a tremendous misfortune and a nightmare to say the least. To see your child suffer and yet you as a parent cannot change anything is beyond painful. Camila was in pain, her vital signs were out of control so her little body was fighting against the cancer, she was thirsty and hungry but was not allowed to drink or eat anything in anticipation of tests and surgery. She was connected to monitors, IV’s, and tubes. It was traumatizing to a 2 year old because she couldn’t understand what was happening to her and why…Childhood cancer affects all aspects of your life. Emotionally, financially, and you questions your spiritual beliefs. But now I’m closer to my faith and my family is closer. I have two other boys and they love their little sister so much… I love how they are with her. They kiss her little bald head, they carry her, play with her, give each other the biggest and tightest hugs and seeing all that brings tears to my eyes and warms my heart.

One thing I am grateful for is that she’s only 3 years old and has no idea what is happening to her. Because she is so young she remains at home where she’s supposed to be. We’re not keeping her from school or friends because he has not developed those relationships yet. She doesn’t question why her hair is gone and she doesn’t care she has no hair. She brings a smile to anyone’s face who meets her.


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