Meet Cainan – ALL

Cainan was diagnosed with ALL on January 29th 2013. He’d been running a fever for about three weeks with no other symptoms and then we found out why. He is currently in the consolidation phase of his treatment and was recently found to have a low number of chromosomes which now classifies him as very high risk. Cainan has an excellent attitude and smiling through all the treatment! They think his best bet is to do a bone marrow transplant and they thought he would have plenty of donors to choose from however once they look at his matches a little closer they found he was going to be harder to match them they thought so his 10 month old younger brother is going to be the best match for him. Now we are in a waiting game as to how to get Gideon as old as we can while not giving Cainan anymore treatment then is needed.


Cainan’s support page

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