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Sweet Bryn is 4 years old. She is outspoken and sweet. She has a love for horses.
After 8 days of flu-like symptoms with negative test results, she tested positive for mono and strep. An ultrasound was completed and they determined she had an enlarged spleen. Additional tests discovered Stage IV Wilms Tumor on her kidney that had spread to her lungs. She was admitted to Children’s Hospital on 3/6/17 for further evaluation and treatment.  Bryn had a rough few weeks after two hospital stays and five ER visits. She received six weeks of chemo treatments with excellent results. Her tumor and kidney was removed on 4/17/1. All 15 lung nodules have completely disappeared as of 4/11/17.
Bryn was borderline neutropenic or neutropenic almost her entire treatment. She lived life around a select group of people and mostly at home. However, we realize she is very lucky and we have been beyond blessed at how this terrible situation has brought our family closer and restored our faith in God.
Bryn’s scans were clear on 6/6/17 and she finished up chemo in September. Praise the Lord, her end of treatment scans were clear on 10/3/17. Bryn will have scans every three months for a few years and then every six months. She will be considered “cured” when she has had clear scans for five years, which will hopefully be in the fall of 2022 at age 10.

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