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Brooke is  spirited, playful and full of life.  Halloween is Brooke’s very favorite time of the year. She loves dressing up, especially as something scary. She loves zombies, scary movies and gore and she’s only 6! She is not shy- very social and likes to make friends. She can stay up past everyone’s bedtime, always wanting to party. 🙂

In October of 2013, she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. before Brooke was diagnosed, she would get red welts/hives every day on her body. I took her to see specialists for 14 weeks and I would either be told she was allergic to something, or she had a viral infection. I got very discouraged- they would not go away.  I knew it was something more than just being allergic to tomatoes. We went on a trip to Disneyland and that’s when everything got bad. She had a high fever, fatigue and nose bleeds. I rushed her back to Tucson and that’s when she was diagnosed.

Brooke has had lots of chemotherapy over the past two years. She’s had IV chemo as well as spinal tap chemos. Her counts go up and down so we have to be careful about her getting sick.  We are thankful for days when Brooke feels well and we can just get out of the house and go to the grocery store.

Brooke being diagnosed with cancer has changed so much.  We appreciate every single day we have on this earth. The little things don’t matter as much anymore. We don’t care if the house is clean, or we do all the scheduled routines stuff. We just want to live. Have fun. Be together. We are thankful for this very moment we have together.












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