Meet Brendan – Retinoblastoma

Brendan is a tough cookie!!! He is one of 5 kids (but second born). He is extremely stubborn and strong-willed (gives me all my grey hair ;). He is determined. He loves sports, mostly football right now. He is into rocks right too. He loves xbox and Minecraft. He also loves legos. He can be very thoughtful and loves to get acknowledged for his good behavior.

Brendan was diagnosed at 13 months old with unilateral Retinoblastoma. We noticed his right eye started turning inward (crossing). Retinoblastoma occurs in the retina of the eyes and usually occurs in children under the age of five.

Brendan has been to many, many eye exams. He has been through lots of EUA’s (exams under anesthesia). He received six months of out patient systemic chemotherapy. He also received one transfusion and was hospitalized for that. He had a port put in and a port removed. We traveled to Philadelphia for treatment from Illinois and still go there for eye exams every 6 months. He is now 6 and has been cancer free for about 4 years.

I think cancer changes us all. It makes you realize things like this don’t just happen to other people, they can happen to you. It has also made really appreciate our health and happiness.













Brendan’s Support Page

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  • Colleen Curtis - Absolutely GORGEOUS family!! I am amazed at your strength and so proud of your pereverence!! Love and hugs to a family of cuties, beauties, brains, spirit, and happiness!!❤️ReplyCancel