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Ben started out having headaches. I was told it was eye strain, then migraines, then a sinus infection. After a lot of persistence from us, we got the doctor to do a CT scan which reveled he had a tumor. We were sent to St. Jude for treatment. Ben had a gross total resection of his tumor (which was situated in the center of his brain). He then had 30 proton radiation treatments followed by 5 months of chemo.
September 19th, 2017 marks one year since that first devastating scan. Ben has had to overcome many obstacles but has done so fearlessly.┬áHe got the name “fearless Ben” because when he was first diagnosed they asked him to name his tumor. Ben is a very intelligent 10 year old. He said he wanted to name the tumor “fear”. So when it was removed he would be “fearless”.

Hope session by Emily Bartley Photography.

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