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Ayren had multiple occasions where he was developing fevers but we didn’t know why. One day in February of  2015, he was laying down when I got up to get a diaper to change him, I noticed that he appeared lopsided. It was as if something was poking out of his side. When I pressed on it it, I felt a huge mass of something. I was frightened and took him to the doctor. That’s when I saw the tumor on the screen for the first time.

We were taken to the hospital and they wasted no time placing a port and doing further scans. The goal was to shrink all the tumors so Ayren did 12 rounds of chemo before the surgery. He went through a dissection of both kidneys to carve out the tumors. After that, they let his body rest for a month and then resumed 32 weeks of chemo and 6 days of radiation. Ayren has several complications, hospital stays, bowel obstructions, and days in isolation.

I hate cancer, I hate what it’s done to our family. It’s truly shown me who supports our family and who doesn’t. Ayden’s father and I are no longer together. Cancer can tear a family apart and it’s unforgiving. One thing it hasnt done is take my boys from me and has not broken my faith. Ayren has a brother that has had to endure all of this and often times siblings are left out. This session has brought them closer then ever. Thank you Gold Hope Project.

Hope session by Delalane Photography |  Facebook | Instagram

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