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Ashley loves to color, do crafts and play with her babies. She also loves stuffed animals, loves being outside, and watching her favorite Disney reruns on Netflix.  She gets a kick out of her dad acting silly.  Like when he pretends to run into the corner of the door or hurts himself.  Her laugh is the best!

Ashley was diagnosed January 12th, 2015, with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and is currently in treatment until at least April, 2017. Before her diagnosis she was very pale, tired and wanted to sleep all the time. She also complained of her legs being tired, hurting, and we started noticing bruising all over her body.  She has been receiving iv chemotherapy, lumbar punctures, chemotherapy/antibiotics/antivirals taken in pill form every night and numerous other procedures. So many finger pokes and blood tests I’ve lost count!Her treatment plan is two and half years, depending on how she responds. Ashley almost always has a smile through it all!

We struggle financially due to me being off work for the first year of treatment, we are starting to try to get back to a new “normal” if you will. Cancer has slowed us down a ton. We take no day for granted and take everything one day at a time. Life is precious, and a diagnosis like this makes you slow down and realize that.

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free portrait session for childhood cancer patients


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