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Ameliah is a ball of energy, all the time! Loves Frozen, Trolls, and Muana. She is very girly-girl. She is super smart and tall for a 2 year old.

Ameliah had started throwing up on 1/4/17 and after a doctor visit. They told us it was a stomach bug. She was sick and lethargic for about 3 days, and on the 4th day, 1/7/17, she woke up and her right eye was cross-eyed. So I took her back to the doctor. They referred me to the OU Children’s here in OKC. Once we got there, they did a CT scan and found her tumor. It was close to the size of a baseball sitting on the left lower portion of her brain, which is why her right eye was cross-eyed (because of the pressure.) Surgery happened a week later with a full resection of the tumor. Thank God.

Her treatment started about a month later. She had 3 rounds of chemo, each lasting 7-10 days. After those 3, she started 3 rounds of stem cell rescue, each lasting 30 days. She was discharged on 9/28/17 and her scan showed no signs of disease. Praise God again. She handled treatment like the strongest person I know. She was always smiling, laughing, just wanted to play, like a normal 2 year old. She won the hearts of all the nurses.

The rest of our life will be an obstacle I think. I will always be on edge that her scans won’t be clear and I’m always making sure (extra sure) that she doesn’t get hurt. Seeing her in so much pain and surgeries, ports, central lines, going under for MRIs, and watching them inject poison (chemo) into her body – they were all the hardest things I’ve ever done.

Cancer turned our world upside down. It actually affected our family tremendously. I’m in the process of divorce. Her father stopped coming around and quit supporting us.

My daughter is my hero. She has shown me that the worst imaginable thing can happen and she never changed who she was. My strong willed, dramatic 2 year old (almost 3) spent her entire life as a 2 year old in the hospital, and she is still the funniest, brightest, sweetest, smartest little girl. If it wasn’t for her not having hair, you would never know she was sick. I have God to thank for my baby still standing here today.

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