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Adrina is amazing! So outgoing and out spoken. She has a awesome sense of humor and is a little daredevil. She’s easy to make laugh.

In June of 2016, we noticed some changes in her health. She had an upset stomach, couldn’t eat and many fevers. On June 2, 2016, she was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor – Stage 4. Wilms Tumor is a mass of cancer cells that grow in the kidney tissue and accounts for 95% of  kidney and renal cancers in children under 14.

She has had one major surgery on June 6,2016 to remove the tumor and kidney. She been in treatment since June 20,2012. So far with 2 rounds of radiation and another abdominal surgery due to scar tissue suffocating her intestines.

Cancer has changed all our lives. We can’t do stuff a regular family can anymore. We need to be very aware of Adrina’s counts before making any kind of plans.

Childhood cancer ins’t just cute bald kids that get to have their wishes come true. It’s being poked with needles every week to have labs done or shots at home everyday after chemo. It’s dealing with stomach aches and vomiting and so much more! This is why these kids are heroes. They go through stuff adults can’t even handle. Adrina is our hero!

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