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Our mission at The Gold Hope Project is simple- we want to bring awareness to childhood cancer through photography. While we wish the phrase, “your child has cancer” didn’t exist, the sad fact is approximately 13,500 parents sit across from doctors and hear that each year. This news will cause much emotional turmoil for the families hearing it, and the financial burden that accompanies a cancer diagnosis is nearly as debilitating. The last thing most parents can afford when the medical bills are piling up is a photo session . . . but we know how much the beautiful documentation of their fight will mean to them in the years to come. Unimaginably, for some families, a Gold Hope photo session is the last professional photo session their child will ever have. With each donation the project receives, we can gift one more family the reality of preserving this moment with their little fighter.

“These images are so special to us. The timing was perfect and it not only captured the struggle we went through, but it also showed how we became closer. We will forever be grateful.”

Laney's Mom

“We are extremely happy with our experience with The Gold Hope Project! These were our first family photographs with all 3 of our children. The images marked the end of chemotherapy for our daughter. These pictures mean the world to us!”

Talia's Mom

“Since my daughter was diagnosed, we haven’t had the time or money to get photos taken, so we have a two year photo gap. I took many family photos before my daughter was diagnosed so I was very sad that the photo wall was missing such a big gap. These photos mean so much to my family. I feel like that big guilty feeling is off my back and I now have some photos I can cherish. Thank you so much! We will cherish these photos forever.”

Brooke's Mom

“This experience was so very special for our family as our son is in his final days of his journey. Our photographer was by far, the most compassionate, professional and experienced photographer we have ever met. As my son was going to be started on hospice, and time was so very important, Karyn never hesitated and came out the very next morning, on a Sunday during the New Years weekend. She was so very kind and our family had the best experience and are so very grateful.”

Parker's Mom

“It meant SO much that Noah could pick out his own photo shoot. We did it at a skatepark and our photographer helped organize that. It was awesome! Having these pictures is like finding a treasure. We all shaved our heads in support of our SuperHero, and now we have a family keepsake along this journey. Our son was able to choose his own shoot and we had a great time. The photos are amazing!”

Noah's Mom

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