Do you believe in HOPE?

Another magical holiday season is fast approaching, and we couldn’t be more excited to invite you to ring in the giving season with us on the global day of giving, #GivingTuesday! By joining this movement, you will help build on our goal to provide a research grant for pediatric brain cancer, AND provide a beautiful lasting memory of a moment in a pediatric cancer patient’s life that needs to be forever remembered.

It has long been a goal for The Gold Hope Project to not only bring awareness to childhood cancer, but to also have a hand in ground breaking research. While there are 12 different types of childhood cancer, all of which have different treatment protocols and outcomes, the federal government only reserves 4% of The National Cancer Institute’s budget to research the number one killer of children by disease.

If you have been thrust into the world of childhood cancer, you know all too well how easily our kids are forgotten by big pharmaceutical companies because their disease doesn’t make them money. This means our children and those that love them are left to wonder – who will fight for a cure for these smallest of heroes?

With you, our fellow believer in HOPE, we will be joining monetary forces with over 30 other pediatric cancer non profits to fund life saving and innovative research specifically for pediatric brain cancer. Your monetary donation to The Gold Hope Project makes as big an impact as the photographers who volunteer to provide these services to many deserving families. We are happy to be able to provide research grants for innovative new cancer treatments that we are certain will one day lead to a CURE!

Mark your calendars for the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, spread the word, and get involved today!

Click here to help.


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